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Str8 Trick - Gay PD Fucking with a trio of hotties!
Gallery Provided By: Next Door Studios

It's not often you see some totally amazing gay DP fucking from the Next Door Studios site, but when they do deliver it they sure know what they're doing!

Check out the latest threesome from the site with Seamus O'Rilley, Bridger Watts and Asher Devin , but be prepared to shoot off a big load by the end of it. This is not one of those videos you skip through to get to the good bits; it's all good :)

Bridger got drunk, and you know what that means. He's woken up in a very horny situation, with Asher and Seamus sucking and licking his delicious boner. Having been woken up by a fuck buddy sucking me off before I know how good it is, so it's not surprising he's getting so into it.

In all fairness, they do ask him if he wants them to carry on, and of course he can't say no when his dick is throbbing and being so lovingly appreciated by a couple of hungry guys.

I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that this straight guy soon has a cock in his mouth too. If you've ever "converted" a straight guy before you know that sucking his dick usually leads to him getting a taste :)

He likes it, but does he like it enough to go further?

Okay, that's a stupid question. Bridger soon has his meat sliding into both those holes, fucking Seamus and then moving on to giving Asher his length.

Seamus is the greediest one in this threesome. With Asher's dick in his tight hole he welcomes the straight guy and Bridger crams his dick into his pucker, his and Asher's cocks frotting inside Seamus as he savors the pleasure and pain of taking some awesome gay DP fucking from his two buddies.

I've never taken two cocks in my ass at the same time and I don't think I would be able to, but seeing the way these guys explode cum all over Seamus makes me want a threesome just like it :)

Click through and take a look at the full video. Remember you can get in there for only $1, which gives you a three-day pass. It's definitely worth it in my opinion, but you'll probably want to stay for longer to enjoy the hundreds upon hundreds of hardcore gay porn videos they have.


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