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Backstage Pass - Jonah Fontana takes a ramming fuck from gorgeous Dorian Ferro
Gallery Provided By: Raging Stallion

I've often wondered what goes on backstage on a porn set, but I've long had my theories (fantasies) about that. Truth is, while I would love to work in that part of the business I know I would be totally unprofessional and gobbling every cock I could. Then again, guys like Dorian Ferro and Jonah Fontana would be down for that, as we can see in this new video from Raging Stallion.

We're going behind the set to check out what these guys get up to when the cameras aren't rolling, or rather, technically not supposed to be rolling.

It's an interesting theme, but I think we all know we're just more interested in seeing these gorgeous tanned and horny jocks sharing their delicious cocks and fucking out some cum together.

Jonah is the one being the submissive bottom in this pairing, but he's well suited to that with a gorgeous young man like Dorian. After the handsome dude has had his cock well and truly gobbled by the lucky guy they get down to some rimming and ass play, with both exploring each other and loving every second of it.

It's not long before Dorian is lining his cock up to that pucker and plunging his length into his friend, though, and that's what we really want to see after all.

Dorian really knows how to fuck a hot hole, check him out plunging his dick into his buddy and ramming him while Jonah jerks himself off, ultimately taking them both to a cum splashing finale that leaves Jonah's balls drenched in hot cum :)

If you didn't know already (you really should) you can get in there for $1, which gets you a 3-day membership to check out some of the hottest gay porn on the planet.


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