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Carried Away - Grayson Lange gets a huge twink cock from Corbin Colby
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

I'm a greedy guy sometimes, I can handle a lot of dick, but even I would struggle to manage the huge twink cock Corbin Colby has between his legs. Grayson Lange is more accommodating than he might look, as you'll see in this new hardcore bareback video from the Helix Studios site.

This isn't the first time we've enjoyed the impressive 8.5-inch meat of that handsome and horny boy. He's been in three other amazing videos on the site and the fans just keep demanding more of him. It's understandable, he's a gorgeous young man with a great body and one of the most impressive cocks we've ever seen on any of their guys. He certainly knows how to use it.

He's meeting up with Grayson in the street and without warning grabs the boy and throws him over his shoulder. Yeah, I haven't seen such a blatant cock-lust moment in any of their videos for a while, but it's damn hot to watch. None of us would be reluctant to swept away into a bedroom by this big-dicked boy,

Grayson gets that cock in his mouth the moment they get back, long and hard, throbbing and leaking precum. He's greedy for it, which is entirely understandable.

When it comes to sucking huge twink cock the boy proves his worth, really gobbling on that big meat and pleasing his friend with his talented mouth. But of course, his naked little butt hole wants that shaft inside it too.

And so we're treated to an amazing display as Corbin rams his massive meat into the boy's tight little pucker and proceeds to fuck him deep in several positions, with Grayson savoring every thrust of his friend's immense length deep in his hole.

You can just imagine how that feels, his friends thick and swollen helmet brushing up and over his prostate, repeatedly, until the boy can't take any more and spews his hot load out over himself.

A good fucking like that deserves a good reward, Grayson gets exactly that when Corbin unloads his seed right into his waiting mouth :)

If you haven't seen these boys in their other videos you really need to click through and take a look. Members have more than 3,200 videos there to enjoy right now.


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