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Trent Is Punished - Hot gay daddy Alexy Tyler gets what he needs from stepson Trent Ferris
Gallery Provided By: Dylan Lucas

Imagine being a young man with a hot gay daddy dude like Aelxy Tyler as your stepdad. It's probably a fantasy for a lot of young men out there, and the reverse is probably true for daddies when they see Trent Ferris playing the role of the horny stepson too. It's the latest video from the Dylan Lucas site and it's probably going to have a lot of you guys busting out a load or two when you watch it.

Trent is grounded, but he really wants to go out and party. Thankfully he has a few bargaining chips for handsome and fit hot gay daddy Alexy, and it involves his hungry young mouth, his hard jock cock, and his tight little butt hole.

Alexy agrees that his stepson can go, but only if he sucks his cock for him. I can't imagine many guys would say no to that kind of offer, and although Trent is playing the part of being a reluctant guy gobbling dick out of necessity his own juicy tool seems to suggest he's enjoying it.

Of course, handsome and inked stepdad Alexy wants a taste of that hard young cock and gets his lips around it for some sucking, then takes aim at that snug little hole.

With a little rimming, this blowjob becomes a full-on fuck as Trent opens up his ass for Alexy to slide his dick into, taking that meat all over the couch until both the guys are just about ready to start spewing their cream.

Things get especially hot when that moment arrives. Alexy gets into position to take his stepson's load all over his face, wanking himself off in the process. With his handsome face dripping young jock cream he feeds his own gushing dick to Trent, filling his mouth with his cumming shaft as his load pumps out of his helmet!

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