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Tackle The Twink - Things get hot for gay wrestling boys Noah White and Evan Parker
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

If you're not into seeing a couple of hot young gay wrestling boys grappling and sharing some hardcore fun then this new video from Helix Studios isn't going to do it for you. Of course, we're all into seeing that so I totally expect you all to be jerking off to the sight of Noah White and Evan Parker groping and horsing around.

Although the fin starts out in the park they're soon continuing their sexy play back in the bedroom, safely away from public eyes as their hard young twink dicks are revealed for some sucking and jerking.

Professional cock sucker Noah gets to grips with that juicy tool Evan presents and the two share a session of mutual oral that we all know can only lead to a tight little butt hole being plundered. But which of these sexy gay wrestling boys is gonna be the one being rammed?

Noah is the greedy bottom for this impressive fuck, impaling his ass down on his friend's tool and riding him as his own cock bounces and slaps with pleasure.

In an impressive move, Evan gets a little aggressive once again, picking up his twinky friend and slamming him down, his cock still hard and sliding inside the boys ass. It's amazing to watch.

With Evan sliding in and out of his boy hole at the perfect speed and angle our bottom can't hold on for much longer, all that prostate pleasure has him furiously jerking on his own solid length and the cum spews from his cock in a deliciously messy climax that might have you all exploding too.

You can imagine what that intense climax feels like for Evan, the boys pucker flexing and pulsating around his shaft. No wonder he's soon pulling out and erupting his own sticky goo all over his lover's hole and cheeks.

I guess we should never be too surprised by the awesome hardcore they deliver on this site, but videos like this still impress me. If you still haven't been there as a member and enjoyed their videos you need to go and have a look, they have more than 3,200 to watch and more arriving every week.


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