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Internal Specialists - Hung gay porn star JJ Knight is the kind of doctor we all want
Gallery Provided By: Hot House Studios

If all doctors were like hung gay porn star JJ Knight men's health would be in a much better situation! You know they say guys are really bad about seeing a doctor when they have a problem? Well, if visiting the doctor was actually like this new video from Hot House Studios I think even the majority of straight men would be going pretty regularly lol

Landon Mycles is the handsome and buff jock with a little back pain going to have a check-up with the horny hung profession, but then again he can't really be called a professional when he's resorting to satisfying his sexual needs with a hunky patient.

None of us are complaining, though, the sight of doctor Knight rimming out that ass and jerking on Landon's cock is totally hot. Things get even more delicious when the doc hauls out his own impressive shaft and feeds his patient his meat.

I love JJ's cock, even though I don't consider myself to be a size queen there's no denying that he's got one of the most amazing dicks in the business. Landon knows how to treat it right with his mouth, before getting every inch of that meat in his tight jock ass.

It goes without saying that the fucking to follow is intense, with Landon loving the feel of that long cock deep inside him. I love seeing him on his back with one leg up on his doc's shoulder, getting it even deeper.

Of course, it leads to Landon splashing a hot load of man juice all over his own abs, but the sight of the cum leaping out of hung gay porn star JJ and drenching Landon from chest to dick is enough to have any horny viewer splashing out their own :)

Check out the video, click through and get in there for only $1 today, which gives you three days to watch plenty of their hardcore. You'll want to stick around there longer than that, though, I guarantee it.


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