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A Friend In Need - Caught jerking his big twink cock by a horny friend
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

If you've ever been caught jerking off by a friend then chances are it was an awkward situation that never went the way this Helix Studios video does with Evan Parker and Nathan Reed. Or maybe it did? Let me know in the comments if that's the case, it's hot to hear about :)

The most I had was a friend joining me for a cock stroke when I was younger after he came over and was let in by someone else, finding me going at it watching porn. He didn't hesitate to get his cock out and enjoy a friendly stroke.

These guys go a lot further than just sharing a mutual tug, but it's understandable when Evan has such a delicious big twink cock in his fist needing plenty of attention.

Nathan gets an invite and wastes no time, wrapping his lips around that juicy tool and sucking on his buddy like the talented boy we know him to be.

His own tasty length is soon out for much the same, with some excellent rimming too as Evan gets his hole ready for his hard cock.

These guys are perfect together, the sight of Evan's smooth ass and hanging balls working as he humps his cock into his friend is enough to have me wishing I were there to rim him out and suck on those nads a little, before plugging him with my own tool, of course :)

It all does the trick, getting Nathan splashing his load out of his dick all over himself, with Evan following it up squirting a thick and creamy mess from his own big twink meat.

It's a real nice pairing, but then would we expect anything less from this site? If you're still not familiar with their boys and their videos (seriously, how could you not be?) click through and take a look around, just be warned that you'll find more than 3,200 videos there at the moment, and more being added every week.


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