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Tommy Defendi is a sex therapist now? Okay!
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

It seems that most people are in some kind of "therapy" these days, and while I don't really subscribe to the notion that we all need to see someone about all our little anxieties (seriously, a bottle of wine and a friend is all most people need) I can certainly appreciate the very special form of therapy Ian Levine and Tyler Hill are seeking from hunky top Tommy Defendi in this hardcore gay threesome video from Helix Studios!

It seems a little strange that a couple of twinks like these would need to see anyone about their sex life, but perhaps all they're really seeking is the special kind of attention this hunky jock top can offer? I can imagine someone mentioned to them what a session with Tommy might be like, and suddenly every couple in the neighborhood has a problem that needs attention! lol

They definitely get the treatment they were hoping for with Tommy, a guy who like to get very practical and physical as a sex therapist. It's not all about talking through their problems with this guy, it's about taking his big hard jock cock in their tight little twinky butts.

The dude owns both those boys, with plenty of jerking and sucking and some truly impressive fucking. It's a very hot gay hardcore threesome scene with a trio of great guys, one that you will be watching more than a few times ;)

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