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Trent Ferris knows how to treat his personal staff
Gallery Provided By: Next Door Twink

I think everyone here has thought about the power and lifestyle they might have if they were one of the extremely wealthy (and perhaps you are?) Trent Ferris is playing the role of the horny rich kid in this video from the Next Door Twink site, getting whatever he wants, when he needs it.

Yes, I have to admit that he's the kind of person I would probably want to bitch-slap in real life - I don't like arrogant privileged types - but there's no denying that the twink threesome fucking he's about to enjoy with Cody Walker and Sam Truitt is seriously hot.

Sam is the new pool boy who catches his eye while his butler Cody goes to get drinks, and when he returns he finds the pool boy already sucking on the rich twinks dick after being "instructed" to do so. With "the help" becoming the playthings of the rich boy, the three end up in the house gobbling cock and working themselves up to an immense threesome session of fucking, with the rich boy getting all the dick he could possibly want!

Cody sinks his dick into his boss' ass while Sam feeds him his own delicious length, then switching so Trent can ride the new boys big boner too. It's a pretty hot twink threesome fucking, with a trio of very sexy boys who really know how to spend the afternoon.

Incidentally, it's good to see the site breaking out into new themes and stories. There are a lot of sites that just seem to do the same thing over and over again, so something new and interesting is always going to get my attention!


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