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Protein - Twunk boys flip-flop in an amazing fuck session!
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

I'll let you into a little secret here, one of the main reasons I go to the gym is just to check out the other guys. I know I'm not alone in that, but it's totally understandable, right?

If twunk boys Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby were regulars at my gym you can bet I would be there every damn day checking out these hotties :)

It's the latest video from our favorite site - Helix Studios - and it's one for all the guys out there who really love the sight of a couple of horny young buff boys sharing their naked cocks with each other. That's every single one of you, of course.

Post-workout horn is a real thing, I know it, and if you work out then you know it too. While I tend to deal with it by having a good long jerk off right after the gym (I'm occasionally joined by a friend) these boys turn to each other to get those cum loads pumping.

The mutual sucking they share is so hot to watch, but let's be honest, we want to see the boys fucking each other.

After getting those dicks wet and dripping precum and sharing those tight little holes with some luscious rimming they proceed to bang each other deep, thrusting their big naked cocks into those holes and swapping their shafts in a truly amazing session of flip-flop fucking that should have every one of you busting out a load with them.

The load Blake splashes out of his cock is pretty amazing, he really fires it off! If that doesn't have you erupting with him then wait a few moments more to see Corbin decorating his fuck hole and easing his wet dick right back into him for a creampie finish :)

Videos like this one remind me why I've been a member there for so many years. I don't know how many of their videos I've shot a load to, but I do know there's probably more than a thousand I still haven't watched.

They have more than 3,300 hardcore videos there now, and more arriving every week. If you're not a member, you really should go and take a look around.


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