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Daddy's Boy - Gay roommate makes his demands!
Gallery Provided By: Next Door Studios

I've been with dangerous guys before, dudes who would love nothing more than to cause drama and enjoy the firework show. That guy is Allen Lucas in this horny fuck scene from the Next Door Studios site, but in this case, I can kind of understand why.

Allen is living with his lover Roman Todd, but Roman is hiding it all from his dad. Being in the closet is fine, but when your partner has enough of it and doesn't want to be known as the "roommate" anymore, what can you do?

Roman's dad is visiting when Allen decides enough is enough, threatening to spill the beans and reveal all. Roman has one chance to prevent it, by submitting to his lover's demands and fucking him right there in the kitchen, while his totally oblivious dad is in the next room.

The handsome stud doesn't have much of a choice, and moments later the two are feasting on hard cock and rimming out ass!

Something about the danger of it all gets Roman so horny, he can't hold himself back as he plunges his throbbing dick into Allen's hole and pounds him right there in the dining room, making Allen blast his cum out all over himself before pulling out and feeding his lover his own warm and milky juice.

You know how this is gonna end, right? Of course, dad is standing there in the doorway watching his son pumping jizz into his "roommates" face!

I love both these guys, if you haven't seen their previous videos you should click through and take a look. You can get in there for only $1 right now, on a 3-day pass.


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