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Introducing Hunter Graham - Bareback twink bottom gets fucked deep by Wes Campbell
Gallery Provided By: Helix Studios

This might technically be called an introduction to Hunter Graham, but eager twink bareback porn fans will know that we saw him once back in February getting his perfect little ass filled by Evan Parker. If you haven't seen that debut by the boy you really need to go and check it out.

We didn't get to find out much about the adorable bottom twink that time around, which is why the Helix Studios site has done the right thing and brought in talented Wes Campbell to delve a little deeper.

And boy does he!

18-year-old Hunter is in college, and we presume getting plenty of cock from the other boys while he's there too. We don't know how he manages to study at all with his eager ass ready for action all the time. No doubt even the straightest boys on campus would be willing to slide into this tight little rump!

It can't be all about the chat, of course. Soon enough horny talk is leading to hot action as the boys reveal their cocks for each other and get right down to business. Why is it that the slightest little twinks so often seem to have such big and juicy cocks? If you know, leave a comment.

Wes certainly appreciates his dick, and his mouth too, before turning his attention to that snug little rump.

With a little rimming, and plenty of lube, Hunter gets his pucker filled in, taking a ride on his new buddy while he spanks his cock and gets his juices flowing. It's times like this you would wish you were flexible enough to fuck that boy and suck his cum out of him at the same time.

I don't know how either of these boys are able to last as long as they do, but eventually those cum shots have to be fired off. Wes gets his cute new friend splashing his nut out over his tight little stomach, then pulls out to blast the boy with his own milky mess in a great finish that really should have you all erupting a massive load with them!

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