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Erectus - Sucking and rimming leads to a gay cum eating finish!
Gallery Provided By: Raging Stallion

It's something a little different from Raging Stallion in this oral session in the Erectus series, but I ain't complaining. It's all about the mouth work as these two cock sucking buddies pleasure those boners and rim out some hole to get those cum shots splashing!

It's not entirely historically accurate, but no one cares if cock piercings weren't around in this time frame. At least, I don't think they were, but who am I to say? lol

Ian Greene is the gorgeous jock in nothing but a loincloth admiring himself in the water when hairy hunk Bulrog arrives. Unable to keep himself under control with such a handsome man there for the taking he grabs the stunning narcissus and meets him with a hungry kiss.

Overcome with lust Ian seeks out his new friends thick, uncut, pierced cock, stroking his heavy length as his own ass gets groped and fingered.

Ian's pucker is ready for more, but it's all about the oral as Bulrog parts those cheeks and drives his tongue into that perfectly pink little ass, rimming his new plaything and spitting into his hole.

You can almost smell the pre-cum and ball sweat as Ian gorges on his hairy lovers cock, sucking and slurping his fat shaft, gobbling Bulrog's amazing manhood while Ian strokes himself off.

One of the horniest things about this is that you can see how turned on Ian is sucking that dick. His own boner is rock hard and twitching for release, he has to stop himself from stroking to prevent his cum from leaping out too early.

Soon, it's impossible to hold back, his semen spewing forth and splashing out all over the floor in front of him, quickly sending Bulrog into spasms of pleasure as his own thick and hot cum erupts from his own pierced cock head, pouring into Ian's waiting, thirsty mouth!

Everyone loves a good cum eating finale :)

Phew, for an exclusively oral video they delivered an amazing session, but it helps that these guys are both so clearly into it. Click through for the full video and get a lot more than what you see in the trailer. You can sign up there for a discount right now, giving you three days of porn for only $1.


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