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Hook'd - A big jock cock for that hot greedy ass!
Gallery Provided By: Falcon Studios

The scene has changed a lot over the years. I remember hooking up with guys at clubs and bars, these days all you need is an app and shot of your cock. That's how it goes for JJ Knight and Alex Gray in this new video from Falcon Studios, swapping cock shots and meeting up immediately.

I might long for the "good old days" in some respects, but even I admit that if I saw JJ on a hookup app and got a pic of that big cock I would be there to suck on it in minutes.

He has a gorgeous big jock cock for Alex to suck and slurp, it's an impressive sight. No doubt he's greedy enough to worship that meat until it's squirting cum down his throat, but there's a lot more to this video than just oral. Then again, you would expect that, right?

With a lot of fingering and rimming from JJ that ass is soon begging for his meat deep inside it, and JJ definitely delivers. Watch him easing his big cock into that tight hole, filling Alex up with his length and slamming his pucker right there on the couch.

I love seeing a guy getting fucked from below, it's even hotter when big balls are swinging and bouncing with every thrust. It's perhaps no wonder that big jock cock slamming into him like that has his own shaft spewing out cum all over JJ, and that's the trigger for our hung top to deliver his own shower of semen all over Alex's handsome face.

I do love a good sticky cum facial to finish a fuck!

Enjoy the trailer, click through for more and get in there for $1. That gets you a 3-day pass and plenty of hardcore gay porn from one of the best sites in the world.


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